Watch Speaker Greg Hughes and Minority Leader Brian King interview with Glen Mills on ABC 4 Good for Utah here.

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 Utah) – To debate some of the biggest stories of the week, Speaker Greg Hughes (R) District 51, and Rep. Brian King (D) Minority Leader, joined the Inside Utah Politics Panel.

Lead by Chief Political Correspondent Glen Mills, the panel discussed the validity of Utah’s special election to fill Rep. Jason Chaffetz’ soon-to-be-vacated 3rd Congressional District seat, and if there’s room to negotiate on Senate Bill 54.

“The Democrats and the house and the senate have been pretty strongly in favor of SB54 in the sense that we support an alternative method to the primary ballot and we’ve seen attempts at times in the house and the senate to undermine that process a little bit,” said King. “…There are some people that want to figure out a way to put more power in the caucus and convention system that exists right now, and there are other people that will die on the hill of making sure that there’s an alternative method to the primary ballot as SB54 puts in place.”

“I think we need to go back and see why was the county my vote issue even before us? I think people in the Republican party, and I’m not sure the Democrats had as strong of a voice in this, but they wanted to see more primaries and less of these candidates decided in convention. I think if that was the goal, if SB54 was to create an alternative route to the ballot so that we could see primaries, so that a broader swath of people can have a voice, I think that’s worth talking about. What I think the downside is to SB54, that I think all sides agreed, but we’ve never resolved years later is plurality,” added Hughes.