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February 13, 2019

Kristen Rust Utah House of Representatives
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Representative Nelson Releases 1st Substitute State Records and Identification Amendments

SALT LAKE CITY (2/13/19) – Representative Merrill Nelson has released 1st Substitute HB 153, State Records and Identification Amendments. This substitute preserves the intent of HB 153 that a birth certificate retains its statutory purpose as a vital record, while allowing gender identity to be added to a driver’s license which functions as a record of personal identification.

This updated legislation preserves the public policy that individuals are born male or female, while acknowledging the distinction between sex and gender identity. It clarifies that a birth certificate is used to record facts of birth, allows anyone to correct that record by proving a mistake of fact in court, simplifies definitions to leave matters of proof to medical experts, and creates a process for individuals to declare their gender identity on their drivers license.

“This substitute bill reflects input from various interested parties and provides a workable resolution of the issues presented,” said Rep. Nelson.  “Those who assert a different gender identity from the sex on their birth certificate are free to designate that identity on their driver license, which is used as the most common form of personal identification.”

1st Substitute HB 153 was assigned to the House Health and Human Services Committee today, February 13, 2019.