The Utah State Legislature will hold a special session that was called by the governor in conjunction with September interim day.  The purpose of the special session is to deal with items related to Operation Rio Grande.  The following items will be considered:

  1.  H.B. 1001 Operation Rio Grande Funding Amendments
    This bill modifies the Budgetary Procedures Act by amending provisions relating to funding for law enforcement, adjudication, corrections, and homeless services in a county of the first class.

  2. H.B. 1002 Road Closure Amendments
    This bill amends provisions related to city authority over roads and allows the temporary closure of roads owned by municipalities to mitigate unsafe conditions or nuisances.

  3. S.B. 1001 Port of Entry and Axle Weight Amendments
    This bill amends provisions related to the imposition of a fine for overweight vehicles.

  4. S.J.R. 101 Joint Resolution Approving the Flatiron/Harper Joint Venture Proposed Settlement Agreement
    This joint resolution, if passed, would approve a settlement agreement reached between the Utah Department of Transportation and a construction company