Over the Fourth of July weekend, Utah made local and national headlines after a minor-league baseball player was attacked by a homeless man in an attempted robbery, and a driver jumped a curb that killed one person and injured five near Pioneer Park.

The violence and lawlessness in the Rio Grande area are increasing. Businesses are considering hiring armed security guards to protect their employees and patrons. Citizens, elected officials, community leaders and stakeholders should not accept this as the new standard for Salt Lake City.

Though there are plans in place to help deal with this matter in the future, including new resource centers to assist those who are going through a trying time get back on their feet. However, we must look at what is happening on the streets right now to figure out a plan that will quickly change the trajectory we are on.

The State is in a position to take on a stronger role and make difficult decisions that will help bring immediate solutions. And Utahns must be committed to rallying together to be part of the solution to proactively and successfully resolve this issue.

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