The Utah House of Representatives


Our Vision

The Utah House of Representatives, drawing on the diverse backgrounds and expertise of its members, identifies and leads on the critical issues and best ideas in public policy. We honor our pioneer legacy by taking the long view. At the end of our service, we will leave the institution stronger; the State more financially stable; our education systems more nimble, forward-thinking, and responsive to the needs of both students and employers; our healthcare more innovative and affordable; our infrastructure better suited to meet the opportunities of tomorrow; our natural resources—air, water, and incomparable public lands—all better off, protected and preserved to enhance the quality of life for all Utahns.

Our Values

  • Empowered individuals, families, and communities
  • Responsible government
  • Institutional integrity
  • Fiscal responsibility
  • Distinctive Utah
  • Take the long view

The People’s House

  • Acts on conviction, not fear
  • Embraces different perspectives
  • Puts policy above politics
  • Diagnoses before it prescribes
  • Leads the way

Who We Are

The Utah House of Representatives is comprised of 75 men and women elected to two-year terms. The House Chamber, located on the west end of the third floor, occupies the largest space in the State Capitol. The Utah Legislature meets yearly in General Session, convening on the 4th Monday of January and adjourning “sine die” 45 calendar days later (not including President’s Day in February). Special Sessions are called by the Governor and may last a maximum of 30 days.


Qualifications to become a member of the Utah House are set forth in the Utah Constitution, Article VI, Section 5: 

  • must be a citizen of the United States,
  • must be at least twenty-five years of age,
  • must be a qualified voter in the district from which the person is chosen (elected), and
  • must be a resident of the state of Utah for three consecutive years prior to filing for office.


On the first day of the beginning of each term (two years), the House elects a presiding officer, known as the Speaker of the House. Speaker Brad Wilson (R) of Kaysville was elected to to this position of November 2018.