Winter Olympics

It has been 15 years since Salt Lake City hosted the Olympics, arguably the most successful Olympic Winter Games ever. Utah’s legacy is still vibrant and is benefiting economically from hosting the Games. Since 2002, Utah has hosted numerous world championship events in winter sports in the Salt Lake Valley and Park City.

Utah presence in the worldwide sports community continues to expand. For instance, more than 40 percent of the U.S. Olympic Team’s athletes that competed in Vancouver in 2010 either live or spend a significant amount of time training in Utah.

The Olympic/Paralympic Exploratory Committee (OEC) announced it would explore the possibility of submitting a bid to host the 2026 or 2030 Winter Olympic Games on October 19, 2017. Speaker of the House Greg Hughes and Senate President Wayne Niederhauser are key members of this committee.

Utah’s world-class facilities, venues and infrastructure would only need minimal updates. Additionally, our international airport, transportation system and lodging have expanded since the 2002 Games. Making Utah an ideal host for the Winter Olympics.

However, before proceeding the exploratory committee will thoroughly examine budgets, marketing, potential revenue streams and the overall impact on the state to factor whether it is of the state’s best interest to submit Salt Lake City’s name as a potential bidder.

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