Restoring public safety to downtown – Rio Grande district

Operation Rio Grande started Monday morning. Phase one of Operation Rio Grande is to arrest and lock up dangerous criminals who have preyed on our most vulnerable citizens. This operation is the result of unprecedented cooperation between state and local law enforcement agencies and leaders working together.

Utah has committed two years to maintain and enhanced law enforcement presence in and around the Rio Grande area. This operation will not be limited to just the Rio Grande area, criminals who scatter will be pursued and arrested.

It will also restore civil liberties of peace and personal security to those who live and work around Pioneer Park and those seeking social services offered in the Rio Grande district.

“We are focusing on this lawlessness and this eco-system of crime – and wherever it goes. It is not just clearing a geographical area; it is not just making sure the Rio Grande area is safe, but it is making sure that this growing cartel or enterprise is shut down and shut down for good. We are committed to protecting the public.” – Speaker Greg Hughes.

Watch the news conference where Speaker Greg Hughes, Lt. Governor Cox and DPS Commissioner Keith Squires, along with state and local officials explain Operation Rio Grande here.

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